Protectors, antioxidants: 8 eye-healthy foods

A diet rich in vitamins and carotenoids protects our eyesight and reduces the risk of being affected by eye disease. Focus on these foods.

Many studies show the links between nutrition and good vision. But what are these foods that guarantee us good eye health? So Jamy, to get a good view, you first have to rely on foods that contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two pigments with antioxidant properties that give food their colors. I named blueberry or blackcurrant. And for good reason, they would have shown an interest against myopia or eye strain.

Also recommended, plants, especially green vegetables, rich in antioxidants, but also fruits, rich in vitamin C, E and A. Zinc, the body's essential mineral, also plays its part. So we opt for foods rich in zinc. Last but not least, to protect one's eyesight and reduce the risk of being affected by an eye disease, we are filling up with omega-3!

Did you know that? "Seeing double" (with one or two eyes) is called a diplopia, in medical language. And that requires urgent medical attention!

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