How to avoid hair fall?

Do you feel like you're losing your hair abnormally, having less volume "than before"? Thankfully, there are almost as many solutions as there are causes.

Losing hair is natural

This is the only way for humans to regularly renew their hair stock without seeing it, unlike animals that moult! That's a natural drop of 150 to 200 hairs a day, a little more than the seasonal changes. Also note that if you are at the maximum of his hair capital at 20 years, the latter gradually decreases from 25 years! This is of course less noticeable on the heads of the lucky ones who have been well equipped by genetics.
First of all, consult a doctor

Only a specialist can verify that the fall is proven or not, and offer a suitable treatment. Clinical examination can detect mechanical causes: alopecia due to hair that is too pulled, too smooth or too free. Or medical: taking medication, dermatitis, stress... A simple blood test, or even an ultrasound, may be prescribed for a hormonal imbalance, related for example to the presence of cysts on the ovaries, which affects 10% of women.
Changing habits
Losing your hair has a significant psychological impact, which is why it is crucial to be involved in your treatment. First of all, you have to stop manhandling your hair. We stop shooting at them, we space the straighteners, we avoid smoothing, we adopt gentle shampoos and if necessary, we make b-vitamins cures. At the same time, you balance your meals. You have to eat everything, despite the fashions. And, of course, medical treatment is offered if necessary.
What about micro-grafts?

This technique performed by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons can seduce those who have tried everything. Count from 3,000 to 6,000 euros the treatment.

Less hair after a birth?

It's a shame but it's normal. In fact, during pregnancy, and due to the high level of female hormones in the blood, hair in the fall phase did not fall for 9 months. When this rate drops shortly after birth, they all fall together. The natural cycle then resumes normally.

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