5 trendy salads of the moment

A green salad, grated carrots, or worse, diced cooked beets, all covered with a dressing sauce?

Too tristounes and "high school canteen." Decreed completely "out" by the fashion police of the blogosphere.

For a salad a minimum "in" you must have a touch of glamour and inspiration Instagram/Pinterest.

Otherwise you are has-been, recluse in the 90s with your ringardosse tupperware salad.

Okay, fortunately, you're reading healthy blogs, so don't worry, I'll give you ideas for your salad to be in tune with the times and impress your colleagues during the lunch break.

5 salad trends of the moment

1. Revisited salads

Here, it's a matter of taking back classics and adding additional ingredients that make them visually well: fruits, seeds etc. Even if you switch to sweetness by doing too much with dried fruits.

Shredded carrots? No, it's a carrot salad with pistachio and ginger.
A red cabbage salad? No, it's a red cabbage salad with orange with a raspberry vinegar sauce.
A beet salad? No, it is a beetroot carpaccio with spinach and cashew spinach shoots.

2. "Big Ass Salads" - salads "meals"

Big Ass Salads are satisfying salads that serve as a complete meal. They are around 500 calories and consist of a mixture of raw vegetables, starches and protein sources. In big cities, you don't prepare these kind of salads yourself, you buy it in trendy salad bars. Here in Amsterdam, there are the organic Sla bars to play hipsters.

For the sauce, there's no way to put a classic dressing. Choose an original sauce made with tahin, spirulina, ras el hanout or other. Finally, it is also essential to have a "toping" ingredient to sprinkle on top of the salad: sprouted seeds, aromatic herbs.

3. "Power bowls"- multi-food bowls

The Powder Bowl comes straight from the Instagram network. The difference between Power Bowl and Big Ass Salad? The Power Bowl is even more photogenic and includes several different colors that flash. The ingredients are not mixed but interwoven side by side for the sake of photo composition. (The Power Bowl must be photographed before being consumed...) The Power Bowl is presented in a bowl, not in a plate too flat that would flatten the effect of abundance and rainbow.

For an even more chic version of the Powder Bowl, we can talk about Macrobiotic Bowl, which includes a fermented food (kimchi, sauerkraut, to surf the fashion of "the gut is our second brain").

4. "Mason Jar Salads" - salad jars

These vertical salad pots come from the social network Pinterest. Unlike Instagram, which favours square photos, Pinterest favors long vertical photos. It is therefore a question of occupying the photo space with different colors, even if in the end you can not really mix the ingredients because the pot is filled to the max.

And then I guess it takes a particularly long fork to finish the pot. We don't know if it's really convenient, but at least visually it does and that's what counts on Pinterest.

4. "Wilted Salads" - half-cooked salads

A type of salad that does not come from social networks and for good reason: it is a type of ugly salad, which does not make good photo. This is a salad that is lightly cooked, in a frying pan or marinated in a sauce. Salads that lend themselves to this kind of preparation are salads with thick leaves: spinach leaves, kale, which are totally raw are too difficult to chew.

Wilted salads, half-cooked salads

The problem with these kinds of salads: even if they use the most nutritious varieties of salads, you won't be able to be smart with it. No potential to impress your colleagues.

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