4 cardio equipment

In need of inspiration for your cardio sessions? Here are 4 fitness equipment ideas to spice up your sessions.

Not essential must-haves, but I still use these accessories quite regularly in my sessions with clients in the room where I work. A few new things from time to time, nothing better to surprise them and make them work their motor skills ...

Battle ropes

The battle rope or undulating rope allows to do interval training centered on the upper body. With a little creativity, the possibilities are numerous.

Unfortunately, this kind of rope is not given at the price level.

I bought first price strings at 60 euros and they hold very well. There are several sizes and weights of ropes, the ones I own are 8 kg, a weight suitable for non-debutante women. (You don't lift the whole rope when you move it anyway, and the remaining weight is split between the two arms.)

Running parachute

A gadget more fun than hyper useful, but friendly to encourage people to sprint. (If you don't run fast enough, the parachute doesn't inflate.) Depending on the size and model of the parachute, the braking effect may be different. If you don't feel enough resistance, you can use two parachutes at the same time.

Reaction ball

A bouncing ball that bounces each time in surprising directions. A nice gadget to work on your reaction time.

Fitdeck maps, ladders and cones
Scales and cones are more of a team sports training accessory, but they now regularly appear in fitness bootcamps. (To work on agility and coordination, but also to make participants believe that they are training like pros

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