Physical activity: 5 free apps that make us (really) move!

Regular physical activity is essential to stay healthy and maintain your line. And if you can do it quickly and efficiently, it's even better!

I have little time: I download the app 5 minutes home fitness

Doesn't your schedule allow you to go to the gym regularly? Thankfully, it is possible to maintain the silhouette of his living room. Set up a little fitness routine with these sports sessions that only take 5 minutes to complete! 42 exercises explained and illustrated to perform when you can, and to work both the abs, arms and buttocks.

The most of this app: the programs target your desires: yoga, Pilates, muscle building of the lower or upper body ... It's up to you!
I want to have fun: I download the Zombies, Run!

Playing superheroes while burning calories is motivating! Put on your sneakers and start, outdoors or on a treadmill. Your mission with this video game app: helping survivors of a virtual city by bringing them supplies and defending their homes. If you can sometimes walk, you will have to accelerate and run very fast to escape the zombies that are chasing you...

The most of this app: more than 200 missions are offered, so as not to get tired.
I like having a goal: I download the 30 Day Squat Challenge app

For shapely buttocks, refined thighs, drawn abs, and a more toned silhouette, nothing better than squats. For results, regularity is the order of the day, so challenge yourself, accessible, over 30 days! This app, which accompanies you daily, offers every day a number of squats to carry out. The intensity of the sessions gradually increases, to progress and muscle effectively.

The most of this app: there are other versions to test: cardio challenge, board challenge, abs challenge, etc.
I prefer to move useful: I download the App Kmforchange

The principle? Run and convert the miles travelled into donations for associations. Before your session, just launch the app, which counts the number of kilometers. Once the race is over, you convert this figure into a donation for solidarity projects.

The most about this app: you can choose the association to which you want to donate the funds obtained, and whatever your level, you can help.
I need to be motivated: I download the Running Heroes app

If the idea of winning a gift motivates you, this app is for you! Take on challenges and receive 30% from major brands, a discount for a massage or a ski holiday, a bib for a sporting event, a pair of shoes... Enough to have (really) want to get started!

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