My opinion on smoothies

1) There is nothing to chew in smoothies

Digestion begins in the mouth.  The more the food is chewed and covered with saliva, the easier it to digest. With smoothies, we skip this key step, which is not only a source of pleasure in the mouth, but also a signal that allows the body to record "I ate" and thus receive signals of satiety. Yes, soups are also liquid, but they contain mostly cooked vegetables and plenty of water, unlike smoothies that contain a majority of raw fruit.
2) High nutritional values and sugar levels

For example, a smoothie recipe containing 2 apples, 1 cucumber, 5 strawberries, 2 plums and a stalk of celery (recipe posted by a fitness coach on her Instagram account) already contains the recommended daily dose of fruit. This means that once the smoothie is drunk, eating even more fruits the rest of the day will bring extra calories and fructose.

Fruit consumption cannot be "limitless" just because they are natural foods. See articles about Ashton Kutcher who ended up in the hospital after following Steve Jobs' frugivory diet in preparation for the filming of the film of the same name. "Naturel" is not synonymous with "limitless".
3) Visually - psychologically, whole foods are larger than foods in mixed form

For people who tend to have a good appetite, it is important for them to view a certain amount of food on the plate before eating to feel satisfied afterwards. Visually, a plate containing several pieces of fruit and vegetables easily gives an impression of "abundance" compared to a smoothie that will fit in a single glass.
My personal opinion to conclude:

▪ People who like to eat will be more satisfied if they eat whole fruits and vegetables by taking the time to chew well, rather than drinking a smoothie in 2 minutes.

▪ That said, smoothies can be convenient for some people, such as:
People who have trouble swallowing their servings of fruits and vegetables because they don't like it. (But in this case, the solution would be to learn to love and cook them.)
- very thin people who tend to eat "like sparrows" and who wish to increase their rations.
- very "speed" people who are so busy that they don't have time to sit down and eat quietly. (But in this case, they should find the time to land.)
Children and teens who are reluctant to eat fruits and vegetables.

▪ To avoid the overdose of fructose in smoothies, I think it is better to favor "green" smoothies, mostly made with vegetables (spinach, cucumber, celery) and add a single serving of fruit for the taste.

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