How do you look after your skin in winter?

Winter is not the most tender with our skin. Check out all our tips to take care of it, whether it's windy or snowing!

Whatever the season, the skin is subject to many aggressions. In these terms, winter is particularly severe for the latter: cold, wind, rain, put our skin to the test, regardless of its type. While sensitive skin is most prone to suffering, normal skin, oily skin or acne skin are not left out. The editor reveals all its tricks to pamper your skin in this difficult time!

Promoting natural brands

Brands that use natural or natural ingredients to the fullest limit or even suppress the use of these artificial substances, which are very harmful to the skin. They are therefore to be integrated into your routine and to adopt definitively! Yves Rocher, a brand that defines itself as "Creator of Plant Cosmetics", is a part of it.
Maximum hydration to arm against winter

In winter, it can never be repeated enough: the secret of a sublimated skin is hydration. Thus, a day spent without putting cream can be fatal - not only in visual terms, but also in sensory terms. In need of water, it pulls, gives in to drought and quickly falls into roughness. If coconut oil or shea butter are extremely nourishing, it is difficult to use them as is on the skin without it looking oily.

So we choose a good moisturizer that will allow us to last all day, even the next day, and that incorporates all these ingredients into its formula. In this sense, Yves Rocher's Hydra Vegeta cream is perfect: it is a real concentrate of moisturizing ingredients (coco, shea, aloe vera...) and adapts to any skin type.

Let the oily skins be reassured: this cream aimed at first glance at "normal to dry skins" can also be intended for them.

In addition to the cream, we complete our routine with a resurgent mask once a week to restore our skin all its freshness in a single gesture.

Cleaning to remove external impurities

The hydration process should be accompanied by a cleansing of the skin upstream. It is essential to prepare the skin to receive and absorb all the virtues of the cream. Some use vegetable oils to remove make-up and cleanse their faces. They are effective but it all depends on your preferences. Instead, you can use cleansing gels made with natural ingredients. The Pure Calmille gel will remove all impurities and traces of makeup, without drying out the skin. Its plus: it is enriched with Chamomile with softening and protective properties!

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