Aches, stretches, weight loss .. The real fake of running

True and false. "Running causes mini-traumato the knees and hips and involves joints," . This does not necessarily mean that it is 'bad'. "In practical terms, it can be a problem in three cases. First, when the ground is too hard, second, if the person is overweight and finally according to his type of stride: if the latter runs by relying mainly on his hindfoot." In all three cases, running actually becomes "bad" for the joints.
Aches and pains are a guarantee of effectiveness after a workout

False. "Nothing to see," says the podiatrist. "The aches and pains are actually microlesions of the muscle. They appear when it is not used to working and when the body is poorly hydrated." But they are by no means a guarantee of effectiveness or not.
It is imperative to stretch before and after the race

False. "Before the race, the important thing is to warm up, not to stretch,". "Then, as far as post-running stretching is concerned, it's best to do it the day after the effort," he advises. And for good reason, hot, we risk increasing the microlesions of the muscle and thus injuring ourselves.
By dint of training, running becomes easier and easier

True. "The more we train, the more we increase our breathing, muscle capacity, etc.," says the specialist.
It doesn't matter what the hardware is if you're not pro

False. This is often where the problem lies - without a bad pun - . "Running shoes allow for foot stability and cushioning. When sport starts to be regular, it is imperative to invest in good equipment and equip yourself well to avoid injury."

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