Chinese Tips: 5 Tips for Winter Without Getting Sick

The automnal period is well underway. And the arrival of the little evils that go with it too. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this is the perfect time to team up against the little winter bobos. Preventing rather than curing is the leitmotif of traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Preparing hot dishes

As our elders often recommend, be sure to eat hot during this time, at every meal. Choose slow-cooked dishes, stews or baked dishes. Slow cooking brings more Chi inside the deep layers. Pull the good old pot out of the fire. Once a week. Add a small ginseng root, two tablespoons of Goji berries, a little ginger, and a star anise. Moderate amounts of cereals and legumes, dates, grapes, pears, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, melons, liquorice, honey, cinnamon and anise will provide the necessary fuel for the spleen, a key element in this season. Avoid sugar overload and don't forget the tisane at the end of the meal.
Gargle in case of sore throat

Sore throats? Use tannin plants, gargle. Make this composition yourself: sour, brambles and cynorrhodon in tisane. As for toddlers you can make them a drink that they can swallow: purple flowers, poppy, Roman chamomile (anti-inflammatory, softening and calming), elderflowers (febrifuge), thyme (anti-infective and expectorant) and tussilage. Add a little honey. Drink the beverage three cups a day for four days.
Learn about moxas

Moxibustion, a heat-stimulation technique for acupuncture points, will help warm the body and overwinter. Here are the points to stimulate (for example with a cigar of sage brush leaves):

14 DM Da Zhui: located at the top of the Du Mai meridian. This is the entry point of the sun so of the heat. It helps to fight not to take cold and against fever, headaches ...

8 RM or The navel: located on the meridian of Ren Mai, it is closely linked to life. This gives us more energy and more dynamic.

4 DM or Guan Yuan: thanks to this point, you will be less cold in a winter temperature

1R or Yong Quan: located on the 2-foot floor. These are the lowest acupuncture points in our body. They are located on the Kidney meridian. By heating these points, you will bring heat into your body to enhance the functions of the kidney and immune system.

Mobilizing your immune system

Boosting 4 GI activates the production of wei Qi defensive energy and distributes it while the stimulation of the 5TR sends defensive energy to the periphery, the main point of epidemics.
Adapting to your body's needs

Do you experience overwork despite proper food hygiene? The spleen is probably making its own. Think of the phrase "put your spleen in the short broth." Poor digestion, feeling cold, asthenia, soft stools see edema are the main symptoms associated. You are void of Qi, or even a Yang void of the spleen according to traditional Chinese medicine.

The organization during this period does not have the same needs. It is important to rest well, in order to allow the energy buried inside to regenerate. If symptoms occur, react immediately to prevent the perverse energy from acting in depth.

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